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Scotland’s Global Partnership for Knowledge and Expertise in Water and Climate (SPARKE): A peer-to-peer partnership with the Global South

SPARKE aims to work in partnership with a wide range of global stakeholders in the water environment to share knowledge and experience of science-policy exchange. To achieve this objective HNIC works with various partners to identify data, information, knowledge as well as capacity and skills needs and co-construct a series of activities to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and where relevant, data. This aim is underpinned by Scotland’s new international development principles of in-country led, demand-driven partnership, and reflective of HNIC's strengths and experience in brokering science policy exchange. 

The project is intended to:

  • Support the development of a global network of stakeholders with an interest in exploring challenges, approaches, and best practices for science-policy exchange.
  • Explore mechanisms for sharing knowledge within this network based on an assessment of need and demand, as well as by exploring the utilisation of a wide range of knowledge exchange formats (this could include digital solutions, knowledge brokerage, and/or peer-to-peer partnerships),
  • Address capacity or skills gaps at the science-policy interface through the identification of in-country need and the development of targeted knowledge exchange opportunities (e.g., training, mentoring, peer-to-peer partnerships)
  • Create a platform and springboard for strengthened partnerships and improved mutual understanding of climate and water related challenges within our partner territories.

The overall ambition will be to focus on international jurisdictions of interest, thereby the emphasis initially would be on supporting implementation in Malawi. This aims to  build upon international partnerships already in place and supported through the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation ambition and international development priorities.

Hydro Nation International Centre has been a member of the following partnerships: